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Love and romance is one of the basic cravings of every human. When romantic opportunities knock at your door, erectile dysfunction can hamper your romantic advances. You need not worry anymore; Viagra has come as a boon to millions of men with erectile dysfunction. Millions of men lose sleep over their sexual impotency or their inability to satisfy their partner. It is not the desire that has been hampered but the medical condition called erectile dysfunction that has caused it. The main reason for ED in men could be age catching up with them, psychological factors or some medical condition. The solution to the problem could be Viagra.

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    Benefits of Viagra

    The drug Sildenafil Citrate is basically used to treat erectile dysfunction and is marketed under many trade names. The most popular among them is Viagra. This drug was initially developed by scientists based in the British Isles and later was marketed by Pfizer, a US based company dealing in Pharmaceuticals.

    Viagra is a brand name of the drug Sildenafil, which is used by men and women. It is one of the best known pills in recent times. It was introduced in 1998 and primarily meant to treat erectile dysfunction, i.e. inability in men to sustain an erection to finish intercourse. Later it became a standard medicine to treat erectile dysfunction caused due to other medical conditions including diabetes.

    Some people being treated for clinical depression also experience sexual dysfunction. This could be due to their illness or because of its treatment. In 2003 it was found that Sildenafil can be used to treat such patients to improve their sexual functioning. It was also established that this drug is effective both in men and women who are on antidepressants.

    This drug was found to be beneficial for many other ailments and conditions as well. Referred to as the 'blue pill', this drug has the potential to treat many other conditions besides making sex 10 times better for both men and women. Like all drugs, this too has a couple of side effects especially if it is used indiscriminately. As it is available online easily, care should be taken to use it, to treat certain conditions and not always for recreational purposes.

    Used for Managing Prostate Cancer, Multiple sclerosis, Jet lag etc

    Medical Research has concluded that Sildenafil when administered with doxorubicin has proved to be an effective drug to treat prostate cancer. It improves the anti tumor efficacy of doxorubicin and also reduces the damage to the cardiovascular system. For almost 40 years doxorubicin has been used for chemotherapy and was found clinically effective for all forms of human cancer. But after several years it was known to cause irreversible damage to the heart. When used along with Sildenafil, the heart can be protected to an extent from being permanently damaged.

    This drug helps humans to recover from jet lag, faster. Research has proved that animals when given this drug adapted quickly to any light changes. The drug boosts the effects of cGMP an enzyme that plays a very important role in regulating the body clock. Thus the human body is able to adapt quickly to time zone changes. Another significant benefit is that if administered within three days of a heart stroke, the patients recover faster. They are able to exercise sooner, as the drug is believed to reduce the pressure on the blood vessels, increase the intake of oxygen and improve the functioning efficiency of lungs.

    Multiple sclerosis is caused due to damage to the sheath protecting all the nerve cells. This drug shields this to an extent and offer protection against further degeneration. The drug contains an enzyme PDE-5 which increases the capacity of the blood vessels and thus improves blood supply to the uterus. This facilitates more oxygen and nutrients supply to the fetus, thus increasing the weight of unborn babies. Sildenafil is marketed as Revatio to treat pulmonary Hypertension.

    Sildenafil reduces the level of certain chemicals that cause heart disease, in patients having diabetes. It is also known to help control glucose levels, in such patients. Viagra has the potential to treat pain both in humans and animals. Some animals like the Panda are hesitant breeders when they are captive. This drug is known to achieve the desired results when pandas are injected with it. Research is still being conducted on this wonder drug to unearth some more benefits to humans and animals.

    Factors to Consider Before Buying Viagra

    Viagra is a medicine for curing ED among men. It offers long lasting erection results. You need not worry about your erection problems. Consider buying only good quality medicines to enjoy best results and prevent unwanted side effects. Many men across the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction. People, who are getting older, are likely to suffer from decreased sex drive. A will to have sexual pleasure is also necessary. The interest in sex usually relates to your heart, your partner's interest and behavior. Pyrenees disease is also one of the impediments for your sexual pleasure. You can use latest traction devices to correct this disease apart from improving the size of your penis. Improved blood flow is required for penis to become erect. Viagra is one of the best pills for you to solve your temporary erection problems and enjoy full sex with your woman.

    You need to consider various factors before deciding to use the sildenafil citrate for ED:

    People with heart attack issue should not buy sildenalfil citrate

    People, who suffer from heart attack or heart disease, are advised not to buy this drug.

    People, who are on medicines for depression, etc., are advised to consult their physicians for correcting their ED. The physicians may first analyze your ED issue and recommend corrective medicines. Sildenafil citrate is just for correcting your temporary ED. You need to consume this whenever you intend to have a sex with your woman. You need to consume the drug half an hour before actually participating in intercourse. The maximum dosage is limited at s100 mg per day. However, you are advised to consult doctor for correct dosage for your problem.

    You should search online for reputed stores that sell genuine sildenafil citrate. You need to consider cost factor also while buying the drug. The local stores will charge higher amounts. Online stores need not pay any rents for shops etc. They will pass on the cost savings to customers like you.

    Consider privacy while buying sildenafil citrate

    Online stores ensure your privacy while buying medicines for correcting your ED. Also, the drugs are delivered at your doorstep confidentially. You can choose the correct dosage for your ED condition. You need not compromise on your issue.


    You should not misuse the drug, as it will lead to build up of more blood in the penis. You should have sex after consuming this drug to prevent damage to your penis. Consider using this drug only, if you are ready for intercourse. The drug may cause blindness in some people. You are advised to consume the drug only if you are sure that it will not cause any harm. You should discontinue its use if you notice any symptoms of nausea, blindness etc.

    Sildenafil Citrate is not for improving your libido

    People are not advised to buy the drug for improving sexual desire. You need to be calm, free from anxiety and consume balanced diet. Also, your woman should be attractive to lure you into intercourse. You are advised to discuss all of your medical conditions with your physician before trying to buy Viagra. FDA approved drugs cost US$25 per each pill. Do not buy drugs at too low prices, as they are likely fake ones and harm to your health.

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Articles about Viagra